Mucky Weekender – ‘Mucky Weekender 2023’


(5,000 Capacity 4 stage weekender)


We were recommended to Sustainable Festivals by a friend that had used Chris for their festival. We had used the same noise consultant for three years and felt our festival needed a fresh pair of eyes with regards to our noise management plan. We wanted a forward thinking consultant as we felt we were being held back with sound levels which embarrassed us hugely and despite the dB levels being so low, we continued to received a number of complaints each year. We wanted to achieve the best sound levels with a positive community impact.

Chris’s knowledge on how to make huge improvements with small “tweaks” has been invaluable. From very small stage redirections and the introduction of straw bale walls, we were able to far exceed our expectations.

The service that was provided was faultless. Chris and his team developed and great relationship with the council in terms of all legal compliance. They worked brilliantly with our onsite sound engineers and sound tech and, by the second day of the festival, it was very clear Chris’s knowledge far exceeded our own engineers!

In the lead up to the festival, we had production meetings and numerous phone calls. The response time to any questions or concerns we had was immediate. We really felt completely supported from start to finish we was very refreshing.

Our event was improved immeasurably. The quality of the noise monitoring equipment that was used made a huge difference. We were able to increase our dB levels, improve the audience experience and we didn’t receive a single complaint. It was perfection.

Having worked with many sound consultants over the years and being constantly told to reduce all levels throughout the festival, this year, we were asked to “turn it up”. It really was music to our ears.

I would recommend Sustainable Festivals to anyone putting on an event. Not only is Chris and joy to be around, his knowledge is second to none!

Director – Mucky Weekender




Mucky Weekender

Equinox Festival – ‘2016 – 2023


5,000 capacity 6 stages, 24 hour Licensing, 8 days per annum.


We have worked with Chris Selkirk and Matt Johnson of Sustainable Festivals since 2016.

They have been an integral part of the Equinox story.

They always achieve what they set out to do and has become not only a massive part of what makes Equinox tick but also loved personal friends.


Like “the wolf” from pulp fiction, if you need them for anything, not just sound, they will be there with bells on, from advice on Licensing to dealing with H&S, ESAGs, Environmental health issues, they’ve helped make Equinox ‘the best party in the universe’ (?)

If you don’t use Sustainable Festivals, you’ve not got a sustainable festival!


Medieval Chemistry Ltd – Director 



















Equinox Festival

Winter Droving – ‘EDEN ARTS’


20,000 people Major Cultural Celebration, with 4 stages, and street carnival processions, street entertainment and fairground.


We contacted Chris and Sustainable Festivals in 2022 with regard to our town festival. Chris was recommended to us by the Environmental Health department at our local council, as they had worked with him previously and were impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. We contacted Sustainable Festivals because we were in need of a sound assessment for our event. Chris has done this for 2-years now and it has really helped with our SAG meetings to have someone with such an in-depth understanding of sound. For anyone who isn’t in on it, sound assessments are alchemy, but Chris seems to understand what he’s talking about and the council give me much less of a hard time once he has explained it to them.

Prior to the event, Chris is always easy to contact and eager to offer support. He has taken over communications with the council, which frees up a lot of time for the event management team, and essentially cuts out the middle man. It is clear from discussions I have had with both Chris and the EHO that he has a very clear understanding of what is legal, right and (most importantly) good for the event. I never have any concerns that the event will be negatively impacted by the sound levels when Chris and the Sustainable Festivals team are on the case.

Chris has shown up a week before the event in order to measure the base sound levels of the event site before any music or funfair could impact it. This had a huge impact on the discussions regarding the appropriate restrictions for the event, and wouldn’t have been possible without Chris. He’s always a friendly and reassuring face on-site and always has a positive word to say about the event.

After the event, the receipt of the noise assessment report is always prompt and, although I don’t understand half of what it says, it creates a good basis for a conversation regarding noise levels and adjustments in the future. Chris is always available for a chat, regardless of what other events he has been working on or how little sleep he is running on.

I don’t really know how to put into words how Sustainable Festivals have improved our events. With their help there is one area I know I don’t have to worry about, I know that it will be dealt with calmly and professionally and I know that if there are any issues I will have their full support in finding a resolution. They are easy to contact, easy to speak to, they write the assessments in such a way that anyone can understand them, they are thorough and precise. They’re just a great team to work with.

I would have absolutely no issues with recommending Sustainable Festivals to other organisations, in fact, I have recommended them to other organisations. There is nobody else I would recommend for this kind of work.

Director – Eden Arts






Winter Droving